Story & Contact

※ Thank you for interest and visit Zenike.Net "Zen Niche" Buddhist stitchery.

Ask or Check, please give us your message to: Tokylotus@hotmail.com

【About Us】

We're making just Zen Buddhist Life & doing meditation clothing being our favorite practice -Zen Niche Stitchery used to serve a number of influential Zen schools and organizations(for example, Hollow Bones Sangha, Daishin Zen, Shingon Shu Hawaii...). Though this site is of our new attempt inspired by internet...facing the new path for this ordering system -We're Still Stitching the traditional & fit Zen style and Buddhist major sects' robes, accessories like Zafu, Zabuton...as well as providing some Buddhist items which might be hard to search by our Dharma users.

ZEN N'... Stitchery is trying to make herself a regular-visited e-shop for accessing to Zen robes and other custom orders.

【Customer Service】

※ Custom Orders:
Custom size orders mean items will be made to particular measurements, for example
Height (inches or cms)
Weight (pounds or kilograms)
Chest (inches or cms)
Hip (inches or cms)
Nape (of neck) to floor
Nape to wrist
Nape to waist

※ Please submit measurements during checkout process, or get in touch with us regarding your order.

※ Update: Custom-tailored clothing order would take estimate 6 - 12 weeks, but mostly between 5 - 10 weeks. Our workshop will try the best to make customer receive as soon as possilbe.